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Better late than never

Posted by Moonlight Lotus on

So, our launch was a few days later and we are still waiting on our other courier and Afterpay but they will be ready some time this week ( hoping tomorrow). We are in the process of setting up a small shop area at our location so that your experience will be far more pleasant, no more pulling boxes of candles, melts and diffusers out, they will all be on the meantime, we do have Auspost at checkout and the pick up and delivery option.

You may have noticed some of our prices have changed. Actually our main line ( jumbo jars) have come down to $23 from $26, our short jars have stayed the same and the watercolour and jewel jars are up by $1. We had to do this because of the way the discount apps work on dollar value lots.Using a % discount option was not an option for us as we will still be trading occasionally at markets and trading locally so, prices coming down to $21.97 for example is not something we wanted for our day to day sales.It's a bit painful but the same discount has to be applied across every product if you are wanting to offer them as a discount when 'purchased togther' As most of our customers are purchasing multiple items ( for the multiple purchase discount) we had to keep our multiple purchase discounts the same as when we were trading at the market.This means you will still get the same prices for those as before. We have information in our everyday discounts page on exchanging jars etc

New jars are looking good by the way.........

Last but not least, we are grateful for the overwhelming support and patience we have had in leaving the local Albury Market and making the decision to trade from our address and online. Not a single negative Nancy in sight! ;) Jen x

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