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Our Everyday Discounts

Some of our products have multiple purchase prices. This means you will get those products at discount price when you purchase more than one, or when you purchase alongside another product which also has a multiple purchase discount price. Please see each product for prices. These discounts are applied at checkout.You can also see these prices on each product.

Multiple purchase price for-

Jumbo Jar ( Tie Dyed ) $20

Short Jar ( Tie Dyed or layered ) $17

Jewel Jar $20

Watercolour Jar $20

Wax melts will be discounted to $5 per pack when you buy 4 or more packs.


JAR EXCHANGE DISCOUNTS CONTINUE........but listen up, they have changed to accommodate online store customers, actually, we've made it easier.........

When ordering here at our website store we offer a $2 cash back on all of our empty jars and diffuser bottles if you are able to return them ( upon pick up) except our votives.

For votives, you will pay $2 each for each new votive that you have an exchange jar for and $3.50 per votive for singles without a return $12 full price for 4 votives without return jars ( when purchasing in person) We don't do cash back on votive jars, only exchange prices.

Please leave a note on your order to let us know you have jars to return along with quantity so that we can have cash ready for you, alternatively we can transfer via bank account to you.

When ordering via Facebook, email or purchasing in person, your discount for returning jars will be deducted from your total cost immediately.Just let us know what you will be returning.

See our Orders & Shipping information page for more details and contact.



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